Armac was established.

 Deceased Orhan Yamac established Armac together with his partner. It began to its operations of production and sale of industrial casters and wheels.



 It moved its plant to industrial estate.

 It maintained its production in a field of 450 m2 by moving its plant to the first established industrial estate of Turkey, due to the growth of its sales volume.



 Yamac was established.

 Yamaç was established by leaving Armac after inclusion of 2nd generation.



 Caster production was started.

 It doubled its production by adding light type caster production to the production of industrial wheels. It maintained its production in a field of 900 m2.


 It became a stock joint company.



 It started to participate in International Fair.

 It participated in International Fair for the first time and continued to participate each year during 10 years with the target to be the most acknowledged brand of its  industry.



 The head office was moved to Perpa Plaza.

 After an experience of 36 years in retail sale, it moved the head office to Perpa Plaza by leaving the retail sale to the dealer network that it had created.



 It constructed the new factory.

 It continued to manufacture wheels by increasing capacity in 3.000 m2 of indoor space in its factory that it had constructed in Kocaeli.



 It obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

 It became the first company holding ISO 9001 Quality Management System in its industry.



 It started to use the ERP software.

 ERP software on which all operating processes are managed began to be used due to the participation of the 3rd generation to the company.



 The head office was moved to Elite Plaza.

 It continues to offer easing solutions through the modern working environment and organizational structure in 7th floor of Elite Plaza.