Caster is a perfect invention that alleviates the heavy work we do in everyday life. Before the wheels were invented, it could take days or even months to transport from one place to another, and this made it almost as if it was making a mess of transport, the casters were rid of this torment with the invention of the casters and now moving from one place to another has become torture. The wheel historian is based on ancient times, first the caster made from the rock has evolved over time, and the Yamac Casters is part of this evolution because the Yamac Casters is a well-established wheel brand in Turkey.

Top Quality Casters

Since 1964, Yamac Casters, one of the pioneers of the caster market in Turkey, has 60 years of experience and produces the best quality casters and wheels with the best quality and performance and offers you the best yield from a caster. There are many wheel nd caster models at Yamac Casters, all of which have the highest quality wheels. After you have decided to take the caster, your first address should be the Yamac Casters because the Yamac Casters has a range of products, including furniture wheels, swivel and fixed wheels with brake (lock), and a caster that you will definitely find in many caster models. Yamac Casters is tested before the casters are offered for sale, so make sure you will not suffer any damage and then sell it.



Economic Casters

Yamac Casters, is a caster company that aims to produce the best casters and provide the best service by using completely first class materials without using the second quality material in the caster production. Whether you are looking for a caster house that meets all your wheel needs, you are in the right place.

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Wheel Quality

Since the caster is a product designed to make the user's job easier, the quality of a caster can be measured by making the concepts such as user convenience, continuity and lifetime numerically measurable. While these have been met with numerical criteria with various standards, Yamac, has increased these criteria with their own production techniques and market experience which has been achieved for many years and has developed many new control methods. It aims to make the caster feel the quality directly to the user.